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Here you can download all kinds of stuff to spice up your interventions. We designed it, tested it, redesigned it, and now share it with you. So why not give it a go yourself?

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Pick and Tell cards

Don't put your team cohesion on hold : download our set of pick and tell cards!

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Adaptability Checker

Ready to develop your Adaptability Quotient? Use this card deck to create a communal language and get more insight into the concept of Adaptability.

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Difficulties with non-verbal communication during online meetings? Take away the Beanmachine #remoticons! They offer a visual language for any video call.

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Culture map

Our version of the great culture map that was co-created by a bunch of international facilitators inspired by Dave Gray. Download it here and use it for deep understanding of (your) company culture.

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Vitality thought teaser

Wonder how to get dialogue started on organizational vitality? Here's our quick thinking tool we designed for our own use in interactive keynotes on this matter.  

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Deep empathy

Don’t hesitate to use this one whenever you need a deep empathy dive. Use it for customers, users, colleagues, bosses, direct reports, … whoever’s shoes you want to wear for a while. We have the print and writable PDF version for you.

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New way of teaming

Check out our short reference card on teaming. Learn about 4 aspects of good teaming. This ready-to-use short scan for your team guides you through the Why-what-how-who of teaming… so what?

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Pollution Canvas

In organizational development it often gets very, very serious… what about some creative perspective in this difficult matter. Imagine your company is a city. Where are your departments, where are bridges, tunnels, traffic jams, relax areas, … use the metaphor and learn in a funny, creative way about your ecosystem.

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OD canvasses set

Thank you Alex Osterwalder, Andrew Campbell and the Strategyzer crew for bringing these great tools to the world. We made a beautiful set of all three, smoothly redesigned by our graphic wizard @Joeri. Download the full set here, ready for print.

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Value Proposition Canvas

Strategyzer brought this to us and it was a blast. Now worldwide used by every layer of the economic system. If you want the original, check the strategyzer-website.

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Business model canvas

We restyled it a little, but use it according the rules of the original. A must have for every organizational development professional. If you want the original, check the strategyzer-website.

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Operating model canvas

We love Andrew and Mikel. Their tool is the missing link in strategy exercises. We love to use it to make things concrete and to get a view on the operational impact. If you want the original, do check it out on their operatingmodelcanvas.com site.

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Customer empathy - journey - value proposition writable

From customer empathy over the customer journey to a new, better, more viable, feasible and desirable value proposition. We bundled it for your use in a handy writable PDF document.

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OD canvas

This was one of our first quick reference cards and still proves its value for quick scanning the basic organizational dynamic with your (internal)client. Try it, we love it.

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Our famous cardboard family

This was the first employee on our payroll. Meet carboard (wo)man. We use her for all kinds of exercises. Print it life size and attack it with pencils, post-its, stickers, … don’t worry she can handle it. In case you want to customize it with your logo give us an email.

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Mini guide storytelling (NL & FR)

Beans Kris, François and Hans are our master storytellers. They accompanied dozens of organization leaders in their storytelling. Want to know their recipe? Check this quick reference card.

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Pencils & mats

Need some cool original writing stuff for your brainstorm session? Contact us, give us a good reason and we’ll ship you a set of these great beer mats and pencils.

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OD-beer mats

Want to have a good dialogue on organizational challenges with your (internal) client in a smart, low tech way? Use these OD dialogue cards both sides and co-create the OD puzzle. Contact us, give us a good reason and we’ll ship you a set… And yes, you can put beers on it too.

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Beanmachine posters

Download our inspirational, thought provoking posters to pimp your office or training room. And yes, we stole the idea of our good friends at www.boardofinnovation.com and applied it on our field of expertise. All credit to them though.

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Caricature Canvas

Use this caricature canvas to get the creative empathy energy flowing. Draw your ‘worst’ self, or your worst nightmare customer, co-worker, boss… Make her a caricature, and learn from it.

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