life at beanmachine

Fire 6
Gabba, fire and a first value exercise

Make a shortlist of about 100 company values. Let your kids write them all down on pieces of cardboard in exchange for ice cream. Attach them (the values, not your kids) to a chicken wire fence. Now all it takes is a great campfire dialogue. Just burn every value that doesn't stick with the stories you share the next hours. On exactly such a night, these are the values Beanmachine decided to keep. 

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bravery talks 10
Psychological Safety is one thing, Bravery Talks another
By Katrien Van Rossom
That morning at the coffee machine I ran into fellow Beans Serge, Chris, and François. Apart from our role as business consultants we also share quite some seniority when it comes to coaching. These coaches actually turned out to be a bit puzzled. And what was supposed to be just a coffee break ended up in a kind of small revolution when it comes to coaching people.
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bean reading
Edmondson book
The Fearless Organization
By Amy Edmondson
Newest book by Amy Edmondson who we admire for her solid contribution to establishing psychological safety in teams.