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Fire 6
Gabba, fire and a first value exercise

Make a shortlist of about 100 company values. Let your kids write them all down on pieces of cardboard in exchange for ice cream. Attach them (the values, not your kids) to a chicken wire fence. Now all it takes is a great campfire dialogue. Just burn every value that doesn't stick with the stories you share the next hours. On exactly such a night, these are the values Beanmachine decided to keep. 

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Agile and the Deja Vu of a Punkrocker
By Gunter Loos
I witnessed it myself some twenty years ago. Megalomaniac-scaled ICT projects endeavoured to find answers to as many issues as possible. In most cases, this approach resulted in an overextended development time.
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Feel the fear BOOK
By all means, is it really a book?
Yes it is. And we met quite some people who referred to "Feel the fear and do it anyway" of Susan Jeffers. To be honest we haven't read it ourselves yet, but doesn't the title already say it all?

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