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Fire 6
Gabba, fire and a first value exercise

Make a shortlist of about 100 company values. Let your kids write them all down on pieces of cardboard in exchange for ice cream. Attach them (the values, not your kids) to a chicken wire fence. Now all it takes is a great campfire dialogue. Just burn every value that doesn't stick with the stories you share the next hours. On exactly such a night, these are the values Beanmachine decided to keep. 

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Learning Technologies
The Hijacking of Microlearning in a London Basement
By Bart Van Langendonck
So there I was, on my way to UK London to visit the Learning Technology conference. Together with about 9.000 others! For many years now LT is the place to be for trend loving L&D professionals. In its marketing the concept 'micro-learning' popped-up about everywhere. Personally intrigued I decided to go and check this out and witnessed... a crime scene.
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bean reading
Predictable Success book
Predictable Succes
By Les McKeown
The book guides you through several phases of growth, each with its own characteristics and challenges. And just when you start enjoying a phase, sorry but then it's up to the next (if you want success, that is).

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