Who we are

Beanmachine is a community of 20 senior consultants. Or as we like to call ourselves: Beans. Every Bean brings his/her unique experience and expertise to the table - with a splash of bravery.

Why Beans?

Because we’re down to earth and straight forward: not here to sell you big expensive truths, but to work with you as your compagnon de route for your people and business challenges.

And because we love coffee. Ofcourse.

What makes a Bean unique?

  • Solid
  • Real
  • Involved
  • Inventive
  • A bit of Gabba Gabba Hey

Those are the five ingredients of every Bean, and also the five values at Beanmachine.

Plant a Bean in your team and use our experience to tackle your adaptive challenges.

In our team, every Bean earned his/her particular stripes. From business process improvement over HR, training & coaching to branding, communication, content creation,… You fill in the blank, we’ve got it covered.

Don’t expect us to just keep a chair warm though. Let’s add value and do it ‘the Bean way’.

Geert wit_LR.jpg

Geert Geens

Ideator - Building Nerd - People Catalysor

Jan wit_LR.jpg

Jan Bal

Connector - Accelerator - Wonderer and wanderer

Greet wit_LR.jpg

Greet Verhaest

Fish in HR water - People Connector - Team Coach

Hans wit_LR.jpg

Hans Donckers

Strategy - Culture - Campfires

Bruno wit_LR.jpg

Bruno Vanneste

Transformations - Teams - Trails

Joeri wit_LR.jpg

Joeri Bollaerts

Structures - Colours - Letters

Koen DV profile 9.jpg

Koen De Valck

Endurance - Energy - Hygge

Linda wit.jpg

Linda Segers

Office Management - Craft beers - Books

Gunter wit_LR.jpg

Gunter Loos

Anthropologist - Reader - Listener

Katrien wit_LR.jpg

Katrien Van Rossom

People - Teamconnector - Traveller

François wit_LR.jpg

François Toussaint

Design the future - Open the mindset - Bring energy

Takis profile 3.jpg

Takis Issaris

nutty programmer

Tom wit_LR.jpg

Tom Loockx

Strategy - Creative Communication - Travelling

Kris wit_LR.jpg

Kris Govaert

Sweet Instigator - Goal Setter & Getter - Sports Lover or Freak. Depends.

Chris wit_LR.jpg

Chris Cuyt

Essence seeker - Clarifying Coach - Lindy Hopper

Roel wit_LR.jpg

Roel Lambrichts

Addicted-2-Progress - Coaching Mindset - Cycling & Hiking

Anneleen profile 7.jpg

Anneleen Andries

Explorer - Architect - Books

Thomas wit_LR.jpg

Thomas Coremans

The power of questions - The power of the team - The power of nature

Pieter wit_LR.jpg

Pieter Lauwers

Inspirator - Entrepreneur - Strategist

Raffaella wit_LR.jpg

Raffaella Bolognese

Start with why – Listen – Do it with your heart & guts