Team Chemistry

Get your team(s) connected, aligned and responsive

Big, small, self-steering, project-based, remote,... While teams come in many forms today, they share one and the same challenge: customers' expectations evolve... rapidly. So when a team nowadays isn't connected, aligned and responsive it will not only become inefficient, but soon lose grip on its own business and eventually fail (even cease to exist). For years, when working with teams, we experimented with leading theories from inspiring people like Edmondson (Harvard), O’Reilly (Stanton), Fry, Plovnick & Rubin (Mizzou), Moses (MIT) and many more. Then we took all these team models and theories one step further and retained only what really generates chemistry and boosts team performance. Welcome to the Bean way of teaming.

Should you be into this kind of chemistry?

Are you part of a team exploring new ways of boosting team performance? Are you prepared to take the lead and introduce new insights and methodology in your team to get them (back) on track? Then for sure we 'd love to welcome you on this learning journey. Regardless if you are a teamleader or a teammember!

What's in it for you?

  • Aha-erlebnis on how teams really can be organized and led differently
  • Bravery, mindset and muscles to actually start adapting team roles right away
  • An online self-assessment tool to X-ray your own team
  • Interaction with peers on how they deal with team challenges nowadays
  • Tools and stuff to facilitate damn good dialogue with your team
  • In short: your team will be all over you after you get back from this journey

Our online Team X-ray is an important accelerator in every teamproject. Every time again we establish how this tool in no time succeeds in getting the entire team involved in the process. Got you curious? You will experience (and love) it during your learning journey. On top, afterwards, you get the chance to actually X-ray your own team as well.

Your learning journey


Your learning trip starts upfront with an online X-ray of yourself. Again regardless wether you're a teamleader or member.


  • Connected. Aligned. Responsive.
  • Why: comprehending a team assignment
  • What: shaping an assignment as a team
  • How: building team roles & (agile) ways of working
  • Who: enhancing the teamnetwork
  • Develop: learning & developing (chemistry) as a team
  • Performance pitfalls and boosters
  • X-ray your team: getting your team to make the shift


Finally... it's up to you. Along with new insights and hands on methodology, you now get a voucher to X-ray your own team and get things shifting and lifting.

Your Masters of Development

Geert Geens

"Teams today are like micro-enterprises." For years now, Geert is batting for more recognition of teams. To acknowledge the tremendous challenges they are facing and how organizations should rather organize in function of teams and not the other way around. Needless to say that with Geert you will have one hell of a motivated guide on your learning journey.

Bruno Vanneste

As a former business unit leader Bruno witnessed the direct link between high performing teams and great organizational results. But how can you actually get there? What's the sweet spot? Today Bruno is Beanmachine's proud ambassador of the Team X-ray. "It's is a vital piece of any team puzzle, as it gets the team do discuss deeply ànd action-oriented on what really matters regarding team performance."

You can still join these editions

Team Chemistry
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Team Chemistry
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Including an X-ray assessment of your team.

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