(virtual) Team-revival-kit

Rewire your teams for the-life-and-work-after

These are special times ... but especially fascinating times. Perhaps we never had such a unique opportunity in recent history to reinvent a number of things. Each of us is directly or indirectly influenced as individual, but also teams, communities at work and entire organizations are challenged.

With this team revival kit, we want to help you and your team(s) to handle in a conscious and thorough way the challenges, changes and opportunities created by Covid-19.

We offer you a number of steps to follow, each step on its own, or combined as a roadmap. You can choose them in a modular way, completely in sync with your reality.

Why is the Team-revival kit something for you?

  • After an exceptional situation such as the recent covid-19 pandemic, you as a leader want to look backward, stand still and/or look forward in a structured way with your team(s) or your project group(s).
  • You are looking for a script or ritual that helps you to streamline the dialogue in a conscious and profound way.
  • You want and you dare to look together with your colleagues at the beautiful and ugly things that a crisis entails.
  • By looking backward and standing still you want to draw lessons and secure the strengths in the future way of working together.
  • Initiating from HR, you want to spread on a larger scale a uniform way to enter into organizational dialogue.

What do we offer?

We offer you a modular toolkit with scripts to take a number of steps in the revival of your teams and employees:

  • Reconnecting: especially 'emotional' connecting ... how are we doing now? As a person, as a professional? The boundaries are blurred more than ever. Can we reconnect with each other and with 'the work'?
  • Support "adaptive communities at work": what is different? What are "different expectations" by the environment? Have the boundaries of 'our team' changed? Have the boundaries of 'our organization' changed?
  • Generate traction and energy to start; reconnect with a higher "purpose" of the work; and agree on the first steps to take
  • Get back up to speed: where did we fall behind and should we work on urgently. What happened to the dynamics between leaders and followers, or just between colleagues?
  • What does this mean for our annual targets? Should we make a new plan? A new budget? New target setting?

Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart… they may actually be falling into place.

We take you through a 5-step process, you will experience it yourself, but we will mainly learn you how to guide it within your organization and/or within your team(s). Each step we go into Action, Reflection and Theory.

Your program

The different modules are independent of each other. So you don't have to follow the entire process linearly. You pick out what is relevant to you, to your teams and to your communities.


Try to get a clear focus on what you want to get out of this learning moment
Are you looking for something for your team, for multiple teams, for the organization ... Let us know and we will try to adapt the content to your question.


  • Check-in: We consider the importance of check-in and teach you a number of creative, fun and beyond the surface ways, both analog and digital
  • Looking back: we offer you a number of refreshing methods and give meaning to the past period and the situation in which we are now.
  • Standing still: some things will remain the same… other things will change drastically. And maybe it's both. We help you to explore this in a broad and delicate way.
  • Looking ahead: this set of questions will help you to look ahead as a team and make plans together. We help colleagues to recalibrate their collaboration.
  • Check-out: time to re-contract together and express commitment. We also show you how to install appropriate follow-up actions and dashboarding.


You will receive the guidance material in digital format, that you can afterwards use in your organization.
You can also hire one of our coaches to help you with the facilitation, to give a train-the-trainer or to create a tailor-made concept to your question.

Your Masters of Development

Greet Verhaest

During her career, Greet has experienced many 'good times' and also many 'bad times' in organizations. She knows like no other how to bridge the gap between 'soft' and 'hard' in her work. By connecting deeply, listening and asking the right questions, she helps to intervene appropriately and channel the energy back to where it matters.

Geert Geens

Geert has been working with teams and 'communities at work' for almost 3 decades… and honestly, this is not the first and also not the worst crisis he experienced from the front row. He therefore knows that the strength to recover often lies in teams and especially in how they take (a moment) time to learn together. Thus, the cramp gradually disappears and it is replaced by newly developed muscles.

How can you join this journey?

(virtual) Team-revival-kit
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(virtual) Team-revival-kit
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