Strategic Thinking by Doing

Skills & tools workshop for executing strategists

Why do leaders often feel like they have to be (even) more strategic? On the one hand, probably because that’s what they get told, every time something goes wrong (or right) and no one can really explain why. On the other hand, because it simply is a very human pitfall to passionately go all the way in getting things done and so gradually lose the overview. A third reason in our opinion is that the whole concept of strategic thinking is (kept) so blurry! That’s why at Beanmachine we decided it was high time to tackle this jibber-jabber, make that big word ‘strategic’ tangible, and to allow professionals to really get a grip on ànd execute it!

Should you join this strategy workshop?

Regardless levels in organizations, any strategic intervention adds value, no? But especially if the word ‘strategic’ occurs more than once in your job description, this could be worth your while. Looking for straight forward skills and tools to get strategy to work while maintaining a strategic position yourself? Then we warmly welcome you to this workshop.

After the workshop...

  • You'll need to take a breath as both your mindset and skills will have been seriously stretched :)
  • You have mastered a tailored set of strategy tools you can immediately start using in your projects
  • You have adopted a framework that helps you maintain your ‘strategic positioning’ while work gets done
  • You have exchanged insights with your peers on how strategy gets executed in other contexts

Yes, a workshop, that’s right. Because the only way to get strategy tangible, is by doing it, not talking about it. Sleeves up, boots in the ground. Get ready for a mix of high-speed action and ‘on the job’ reflection. With focus on only those tools and skills that immediately make a difference in your organization.

Your learning journey


You will get a 30-minute homework consisting of a strategic challenge (in your organization) to look into upfront.


  • Your bigger picture (welcome to the 'no bullshit' zone)
  • 4 dimensions of strategic thinking: know, think, speak, act
  • Scenario thinking & building
  • Decision making frameworks
  • Design thinking to make strategy tangible
  • Your toolbox for executing strategy
  • Continuous casework


Now it’s up to you to tackle your challenge, well equipped with your strategy toolbox and on top a 1-on-1 follow up call with our expert as a sounding board for your next step.

Your Master of Development

Bruno Vanneste

"Too often consultants tend to monopolize the strategic role in client projects, while I just know that these crucial skills need to become inherent in and thus developed within the organization itself." That's why Bruno struck a blow for adding a strategic learning program at Bean Campus. Lo and behold!

You can still join these editions

Strategic Thinking by Doing
Online version

180 minuts
We set a date together



Strategic Thinking by Doing
On site

9.30h - 16.00h
We set a date together



Pricing is VAT excluded. But it does include all materials involved during your journey as well as food and beverages whenever needed.

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