Psychological Safety Poker

Scripted interaction to enable honest conversation

Do team members talk openly about their mistakes? Does it feel comfortable to ask for feedback in the team? Is it perfectly acceptable to disagree? Psychological safety is by far today's decisive factor in predicting team success. That's what professor Amy Edmondson (Harvard) recently established studying hundreds of teams around the globe. To translate this scientific research into more actionable insights, Beanmachine analyzed the matter for a year, experimented with methodologies and finally developed our own Psychological Safety Poker game. This tool enables existing teams to address their real – but often unspoken – challenges in a structured and safe way. In this facilitator's training you get familiar with the game and how it allows teams to discover what is keeping them from building a truly safe environment (and what can be done about it). Let's play!

Should you be playing poker?

If you are a teamleader or an internal advisor/trainer for your organization, then you definitely should. Psychological Safety Poker, that is. And not just learn to play the game but more importantly learn how you can facilitate this process and allow teams to play it.

After this (virtual) workshop

  • You have fully understood what psychological safety is all about (and what it's not)
  • You will have experienced the game by playing it (and reflecting on it with peers)
  • You will be the proud owner of a quite exclusive Safety Poker Game set
  • You have got the mindset, skills and tools to enable psychological safety in your organization

A game okay, but well-considered. The technique of ‘scripted interaction’ guides team members through a process of reflection, debate, and action. Because people know WHAT will be discussed, WHO can speak when, and HOW the interaction will happen, they significantly show more bravery and willingness to speak up.

Your learning program


You'll get a quick teaser upfront, but we will not let you look into our cards yet.


  • Modern drivers of team performance
  • Psychological safety: what it is, what it is not
  • Psychological Safety Poker: unbox and play!
  • Some elementary facilitation skills
  • Psychological Safety Poker: let's facilitate!
  • Taking home your own PS Poker Kit


After the program (and some experiments in your organization) you get to exchange your experiences

Your Masters of Development

Gunter Loos

Combining his experience as a team leader with years of doing team coachings, Gunter avowedly subscribes to the necessity of psychological safety in groups. He witnessed how this cultural aspect can both block or boost a team. And how just one playful poker session seriously gets things moving. By the way, do not underestimate his pokerface.

Elke Van Roy

For years now Elke has been batting for teams embracing open and direct conversation. Being a change facilitator she also knows that unfortunately it is easier said than done. That's why she was over the moon with the recent work of Amy C. Edmondson on psychological safety and eagerly helped developing Beanmachine's own poker game to get this new insights actionable for teams.

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Includes the unique Psychological Safety Poker Kit (value 250 euro).

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