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The last decades meetings in organizations have only increased, both in frequency and length. Strangely enough we are constantly complaining about them. Meetings miss their goal, meetings are ineffective, meetings are boring,... That's why Beanmachine decided things should radically change. Together with some of our clients we launched the Meeting Magic training to move from miserable and meaningless to magic and meaningful meetings. With an online version of this training for those often working and meeting remotely.

Should you be a magician?

Are you responsible for your organization's meetings? Do you play an active role in meetings, most likely by leading them? In short, do you need meetings to produce their maximum? Then yes, do consider this course, get the magic and make a difference in your meetings.

What's in it for you ?

  • During this trip you will get a totally different view on meetings (and value)
  • You will learn to use the right content in the right meeting format
  • You will take home topnotch tools you can immediately put into practice

"Do NOT organize meetings neither attend one". That's actually the starting point of this learning trip. So no, this won't be yet another training on shallow meeting tips and tricks. It's time for some serious change in your (virtual) meeting rooms!

Learning journey

No academic lecture here, far from it. We will experience the Meeting Magic by putting it into action.


Your learning journey will start with a meeting dillemma we want you to figure out up front.


  • The real meaning of meeting
  • Meeting objectives per segment of content
  • Adding the magic: meeting methodology please!
  • Decision-making: Consent / Consensus / Democracy
  • To do – Doing – Done!
  • Owners versus facilitators of meetings
  • Physical setup of your meeting
  • Energizing meeting invites
  • Smart meeting tools


To help you implement this magic, we'll do a follow up video meeting... magician style evidently.

Your Master of Development

Hans Donckers

About 16 hours per week. That's Hans's average weekly meeting time. Board meetings. Brainstorm sessions. Design meetings. And though he still grumbles looking at these stats, he made it his mission to start adding magic to every single one. The Bean way!

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Meeting Magic

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Pricing is VAT excluded. But it does include all materials involved during your journey as well as food and beverages whenever needed.

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