Create Traction and Motion

Unleash the entrepreneurial mindset together… eyes on the prize!

Have that feeling that you can't see the wood for the trees (anymore)? That often you are the only one who still has a view of all that needs to be done? Then you probably find it difficult to create ownership or a sense of initiative in your environment. Or you simply have too much on your plate! So you want to make your team as involved as possible in common goals and give maximum ownership so they can work autonomously. Need or desire to mobilise and deploy as much organisational capacity as possible? In this coaching of 3 modules we learn a new way of looking and working at this. It will help you bring focus, ownership and entrepreneurship to your immediate context.

Target Group

  • You need to get your team/organization back to work as soon as possible.
  • You want to do that in a way that is clear and at the same time entices ownership within the whole team.
  • You want to become better at defining, communicating and delegating the work to be done.
  • You want to get a lot of work done in small steps and motivate your people with the progress they make.
  • You want a different way of looking at things and instead of endless work you want to regain an overview.

What's in it for you?

After this training you will be able to compartmentalize a lot of work and install powerful team rituals to look at work (live and remote). We will familiarize you with frameworks around installing more autonomy and self-organisation. And you'll learn the Delegation Poker method so you can get started with your team tomorrow.


Set your GOALS to 1 year max 3 to 7

Put your ROCKS to 90 days max 3 to 7

Put your TO DO’s to 7 days and via backlog

Set your ISSUES LT to 90 days and ST 7 days

Your program

The program consists of 3 online modules. You'll get some homework and after the training you'll get an extra helping hand.


We will provide you with a template that you can fill out in preparation. This way, we can immediately get to work on the challenge that lies ahead for you and your team.

You'll also get the download link for 'Delegation Poker' so that you're ready to go.


  • Introduction and theoretical framework
  • Setting clear and common goals
  • Determine Rocks/milestones
  • Making the break down together in To Do's
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • The art of delegating
  • Solving issues... structural!
  • Telling the story... again and again


You'll get your own version of delegation poker with a full tutorial on how to use it with your team

One of our coaches can also help you apply (part of) the method a first time with your team. Be sure to check out the possibilities with Kris and Roel.

Your Masters of Development

Kris Govaert

As former CEO of an internationally operating SME, Kris knows better than anyone what it means to generate traction...or not. He flawlessly combines his knowledge and experience of the managerial side with his ability to get people into the story. A special balance that he likes to pass on to you.

Roel Lambricht

Roel is what you might call an intrapreneur. For many years he developed projects and companies within large multinationals. Just like Kris, he is a leader and a motivator, but with an excellent knowledge of corporate life and what that means in terms of traction... or not.

How can you join this journey?

Create Traction and Motion
Online version

3 x 120 minutes
Timing to be agreed




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