Seven Secrets of Storytelling


When it comes to taking important decisions, facts and figures are essential. But when it comes to changing people’s mindsets, making them adhere to a decision, igniting action, you need a different strategy. That’s where storytelling comes in.

Should you be a storyteller?

  • The purpose of a team/organization/project is a crucial motivator. Does it lack attention or gets lost in the hustle and busle (#survive) of daily work? Storytelling helps you anticipate, really grasp the attention and engage stories as a biinder in your organization. Keep talking the walk!
  • Or is your organization facing challenging times? Storytelling allows to get sensitive topics out in the open and shared in a meaningful way. There is gold in each of these stories and it helps a team/organization to leave difficult times – even a crisis – behind. It enables #revival and openess for new challenges.

Storytelling is deliberately and sparingly using a powerful tool for persuasion. In particular if you take up a leading role.

Storytelling is not yet another training in presentation skills. The crucial switch is in wanting and being able to look differently at facts, figures and contexts. It's both mindset and behavior. So yes, be prepared for some serious action where we will get under your skin.

Your learning journey

You will learn both by telling stories ànd listening to them. In order to this intensively and at the same time keep a good pace, we do limit the number of participants (so you’d better be quick to get on board).


Your journey starts with a storytelling exercise upfront, to get you warmed up for ‘the real work’.

7 Secrets of Storytelling

  • A good story stimulates the mind
  • What story lies hidden in your brain?
  • One story does not fit all
  • From anecdote to compelling story
  • The secret recipe for a good story
  • Seize your listeners’ attention
  • Tell your story… over and over again


Facing your next (or first) public storytelling moment, you get a 1 on 1 video call to check your story with our expert.

Your Master of Development

Kris Govaert

The sales guy that all of a sudden realizes that pitching is one, but how truly empathizing with your customer puts you in a whole different ball game. Now it's no longer just about ad hoc selling a product, it's about sustainably influencing behavior. That very day Kris decided to become a storyteller and ever since reaped the benefits of it, both as a business leader, public speaker and consultant. If you too genuinely want to change people's mindset and ignite action, then Kris is very eager to let you in to the secrets of storytelling.

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