Welcome to the Bean Campus

Our mission at Beanmachine is to build adaptive organisations where people and business thrive. Together. In line with this mission, we have updated our Bean Campus.

Our updated Bean Campus contains programs and tools to help you and your people learn, unlearn, train new skills, adopt new knowledge and mindsets in order to revive and thrive in this ‘new way of working’

You can find our offering in the downloadable Bean Campus catalogue available in English, Dutch and French.

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The world and a Bean way of learning

In a concerned world where organizations can no longer deny being part of these very concerns, serious shift needs to take place. As a consequence professionals will get challenged to adapt more than ever, faster than ever. And that just won’t happen with endless academic lectures in dusty classrooms. Bean Campus offers high energetic learning by doing, data driven and empowered by smart tools to allow accelerated implementation in your organization. Experience based, as we only bring you what actually works. For those who really want to (help) make a difference.

“Don’t expect a walk in the park. In just a few hours (time is money) you will fail, hate us, reflect, learn, love us, and from that point do things differently.”

Geert Geens, combative dean of Bean Campus